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Marketing strategy comprises many facets: goal setting, deliverables, campaign development, content development, writing, SEO, a rich media library, and collateral. All elements should work in concert to engage, inform and persuade your audience.


We offer a broad palette of tools to deliver a project from inception to implementation.

Developing content is the gathering of the appropriate media, then organizing, editing and positioning it for your target audience. Our contribution is the ability to research and understand the motivations of the intended audience and develop the appropriate mix of communications that fulfills the needs and aspirations of the reader.


We provide a strong portfolio of delivery methods: websites, newsletters, brochures, posters, emails and sales presentations. All are developed and designed to be an effective tool for many years in your marketing campaign.

Analytics / SEO

Data Delivers Insight

The Age of Google has delivered marketing a new blade: Data.
Never before have we had so much access to abundant marketing data. Analytics allows us to review, assess and refine your maketing efforts to be cost efficient and effective.

Data is a powerful blade that separates perception from reality with insight to understand your business: whats working, what isn't and what's possible.

SEO Optimization

SEO results don't occur overnight, they are part of a purposeful digital strategy.
With all the data tools we provide, you can see where you are, where your competition is, and the best strategy to get where you want to go. Let's define what your digital visibility looks like. We have achieved #1 organic rankings and podium finishes in all desired keyword searches, across clients respective markets.

Digital Scouting

We have tools that allow you to scout and spy on your competitors.
We can assess their digital strengths, weaknesses and market positions. We can see what is working for them and what isn't. This can assist in identifying underexploited niche digital market opportunities for you. Using Digital Scouting or reconnaissance to gain an understanding of your competitive landscape is just as valuable today, as it was 2,000 years ago. With data, we can have informed insights, of where we place in the field and where exactly our competitors are, to decide exactly where we want to go.


Graphic Design

Design and illustrations that engage.
Visuals do engage. Via mouse, tablet or by hand, we can create graphics that provide the visual complement. We are fluent in a wide range of media, from 3D rendering programs to the industry standard - Adobe Illustrator and traditional drawing tools of pencil, watercolor, and pen & ink.


There is no subsitute for print.
Leverage the advantage of a strong print piece to use as a "leave behind." Our print or in-hand media leave quality impressions. High quality print solutions and engaging graphic design is a combination of programs, notably Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and we are fluent in all. We speak Adobe! If you need a 9' x 3' exhibit banner or an 8-1/2" x 11" brochure - we can design it and have it press-ready.


Media can be on the web, on the screen, or in the hand.
We provide media for different customer touch points: trade show banners, posters, brochures or sales presentations. We will research the targeted audience and develop a strong story line that unites the different media. Creating a sales presentation with a minimum of slide text that synthesize information and data to its essence. If your presentation is data rich, we make graphs - gorgeous! Communication has many forms, and we provide them all.

Design Services for Media

These are "Before and After" examples.

We offer design services to assist in communicating your subject matter and objectives.

Visit our Media Page for more detail on the scope of design and illustration work we provide.
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Sales Presentation Mockups Sales Presentation Mockups

Sales Presentation

LCD Screen Mockup

Photoshop Photoshop

Legal Firm Presentation

Legal Argument for silo removal

Architectural Illustration Architectural Graphics

IBM Sales Presentation

From Storyboard to 3D Rendering

Architectural Illustration Architectural Graphics

Architect Sales Presentation

From Blueprint to Brochure

Industrial Illustration Industrial Graphics

NEC Website Home Page

From Vision to Implementation

Architectural Illustration Architectural Graphics

IBM Sales Presentation

From Sketch to Icons

Data Illustration Data Graphics

IBM Sales Presentation

From Rudimentary to Refined

Presentation Illustration Presentation Graphics

IBM Sales Presentation

From Sketch to Illustration

Work Process



Define all the major components of the project: goals, objectives, budget, timeline and establish deliverables and outcome metrics.



Discovery process explores the projects context in the competitive landscape. We research competitors and the targeted audience to understand their needs, motivations and aspirations.



Develop an appropriate solution specifying all deliverables - given budget, time constraints and desired outcomes. Development includes the graphic conventions, it's crafting the appropriate look, feel and content that combined - becomes an effective and persuasive communication tool.



Deliver is the implementation of the materials established by the project deliverables, such as content, marketing collateral, presentations or a website - on time and under budget.

Digital Analysis 



Gain a clear understanding of how your website is performing... in clear non-technical terms that allow you to see what components need development.

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Gain a clear understanding of the performance of your website from both internal and external performance: traffic, pages viewed, bounce rate, page load speed, where your customers came from and other age, gender and location all based on Google analytics and Google My Business and other coding scripts we use to track and record visitor data on your site.

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Understand what search terms bring the most traffic and possess the most value in your area, analyze your ranking position compared to the competition. Focus on what brings you the most traffic and profit.

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If you have identified your specialty or sub-speciality market, this tool identifies what your competitors are doing well to achieve top Google search rankings and potential dead ends so you can spend your time targeting more profitable markets instead.

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Track all aspects of your marketing efforts, digital, social and newsletter campaigns from one vista. Bring the Age of Google, digital marketing and visibility into your business from one viewpoint.

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