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Marketing Communications

  • Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

  • Corporate Communications

  • Brand Positioning

Client Services

  • Website Hosting

  • Website Reporting

  • Website Maintenance

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Dashboard

  • Server Administration

Data Analysis

  • Website Data Analysis

  • Customer Profile Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Campaign Analysis


  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Publishing

  • Website

Content Development

  • Product/Service Research & Analysis

  • Develop Information Heirarchy

  • Create Visual and Data Framework

  • SEO Content for Web & Print

  • Marketing Copy for Literature

Technical Writing

  • Synthesizing of Complex Information

  • Training Materials Development

  • Product Descriptions

Who We Are

We assist technology oriented companies communicate their brand's value proposition. While the complexity of products and services has drastically increased over the last 20 years, the success of communicating these instrinsic advantages has not kept pace or has been muddled by the sea of information. My forte is the ability to distill technically oriented products and services without diluting their brilliance.

Our value is "making the complex ~ simple" and doing so in a way that is relevant, meaningful and persuasive.


  • Web Development
  • Content Development
  • SEO
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Design

What We Do

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy prioritizes marketing channels to achieve the most valuable return of effort It defines the simple question: "What do we want to say - and who, how and where do we want to say it?" What are the appropriate channels, tone of voice, look and feel and methods to communicate our offer and assess our marketing effort.

Content Development

Developing content is the gathering of the appropriate media, then organizing, editing and positioning it for your target audience. Our contribution is the ability to research and understand the motivations of the intended audience and develop the appropriate mix of content that fulfills the needs and aspirations of the reader.

Web Development

Web development embraces many disciplines: content development, writing, SEO, a rich media library, intuitive user interface and graphics. All elements should work in concert to communicate your brand and be a persuasive marketing tool for your company.

Rich Media

Rich media is simply the supporting elements implemented for your marketing strategy: newsletters, illustrations, brochures, posters and photography. All the elements work in concert to communicate your brand and collectively are a persuasive marketing tool for your company.

Work Process



Define all the major components of the project: goals, objectives, budget, timeline and establish deliverables and outcome metrics.



Discovery process explores the projects context in the competitive landscape. We research competitors and the targeted audience to understand their needs, motivations and aspirations.



Develop an appropriate solution specifying all deliverables - given budget, time constraints and desired outcomes. Development includes the graphic conventions, it's crafting the appropriate look, feel and content that combined - becomes an effective and persuasive communication tool.



Deliver is the implementation of the materials established by the project deliverables, such as content, marketing collateral, presentations or a website - on time and under budget.

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