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Analytics that

Drive Business

Data Analysis Tools

Tools to Achieve Success

Our tools are engineered and designed for you to see your marketing in action .
We use software tools and analytics to drive you to the front of your competition.

  • Google Analytics and Google Dashboard generate data for analytics

  • SE Ranking to understand your website's performance and others

  • Heat Maps show where your customers went on your website and what they did.

  • Communication Tools can start a conversation, conversations lead to sales.

  • UltraSpeed Server delivers fast load speeds


  • A comprehensive analysis of your website

  • View all aspects of your website SEO, Social, Performance and Security

  • View coding deficiencies and areas that need improvement

  • Understand what aspect needs the most attention to achieve the highest return


  • View all aspects of your marketing efforts from a single screen

  • All website data - traffic, demographics, viewed and analyzed

  • All social data are able to be integrated, viewed and analyzed

  • All newsletter campaigns are able to be integrated, viewed and analyzed

  • All website onsite campaigns are able to be integrated, viewed and analyzed

  • Virtually all marketing platforms can feed data into one singular window


  • View your competitors performance learn their strengths and weaknesses

  • View competitor visitor traffic over time and locations

  • View competitor visitor key search terms by volume and percentage

  • View analyze and compare competitor keyword ranking versus all competition


  • Understand what search terms bring the most traffic in your area

  • Analyze your ranking position compared to competition

  • View the most desirable keywords and their value

  • Use this tool to focus on what brings you the most traffic and business

Digital Analytics Deliver Results

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See all your marketing campaigns and data from one window.
Track all aspects of your marketing efforts, digital, social and newsletter campaigns from one vantage point. Bring the Age of Google and digital marketing into the 21st Century.


Gain a clear understanding of how your website is performing...

In clear non-technical terms that allow you to see what components need development. This website analysis will help you understand how your website is performing in all five components. SEO is a function of getting all the fundamentals right. For your website to improve in website ranking, you need to improve all components.

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"See where you are - So you know where you're going"

RankMyCompany™ shows you where you place with the search terms you want to be found for. Our reporting software delivers to you an unbiased guide to how your website scores in search terms you define, in cities and areas you want to reach.

Get an accurate assessment of your website ranking to see where you are, and where you can go.

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Heat Maps

"Leverage Visitor Behavior to Improve Sales"

When visitors come to your website...follow their trail. Heat Maps show where they went and what they did.

Heat maps show the activity by the visitors mouse and scrollng behavior, both up and down, & side to side. The more intense the color - the more time and focus was spent by the visitor on that area. You truly see what interested your customers, and what didn't.


See your Competitors traffic and data - so you can take their sales!

If you have identified your specialty or sub-speciality market, this tool identifies what your competitors are doing well to achieve top Google search rankings and potential dead ends so you can spend your time targeting more profitable markets instead.

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