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Marketing strategy comprises many facets: goal setting, deliverables, campaign development, content development, writing, SEO, a rich media library, and collateral. All elements should work in concert to engage, inform and persuade your audience.


We offer a broad palette of tools to deliver a project from inception to implementation.

Developing content is the gathering of the appropriate media, then organizing, editing and positioning it for your target audience. Our contribution is the ability to research and understand the motivations of the intended audience and develop the appropriate mix of communications that fulfills the needs and aspirations of the reader.


We provide a strong portfolio of delivery methods, websites, newsletters, brochures, posters, emails, and sales presentations. All are developed and designed to be an effective tool for many years in your marketing campaign.


Data Delivers Insight

Living in the Age of Google has delivered marketing efforts a new blade. Data. Never before have had so much access to abundant data. Analytics allows us to review, assess and refine your maketing efforts to be the most cost efficient and deliver the most effective results.

Data is a powerful blade and we have excellent tools to gain insight into your business: what works, what doesn't and what's possible.


Graphic Design

Design and illustrations via a mouse, graphics, tablet or by hand, we can create graphics that provide the visual complement. We are fluent in a wide range of media, from 3D rendering programs to the industry standard - Adobe Illustrator and traditional drawing tools of pencil, watercolor, and pen & ink.


High quality print solutions and engaging graphic design is a combination of programs, notably Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and am fluent in all. We speak Adobe! If you need a 9' x 3' exhibit banner or an 8-1/2" x 11" brochure - we can design it and have it press-ready.


Communication can take many forms: newsletters, presentations, brochures, email, and websites. Researching the targeted audience and developing a strong story line is our passion. Creating a presentation with a minimum of slide text requires experience and ability to synthesize information and data to its essence. If your presentation is data rich, we make graphs - gorgeous! Communication has many forms, and we provide them all.

Work Process



Define all the major components of the project: goals, objectives, budget, timeline and establish deliverables and outcome metrics.



Discovery process explores the projects context in the competitive landscape. We research competitors and the targeted audience to understand their needs, motivations and aspirations.



Develop an appropriate solution specifying all deliverables - given budget, time constraints and desired outcomes. Development includes the graphic conventions, it's crafting the appropriate look, feel and content that combined - becomes an effective and persuasive communication tool.



Deliver is the implementation of the materials established by the project deliverables, such as content, marketing collateral, presentations or a website - on time and under budget.

Digital Analysis 



Track all aspects of your marketing efforts, digital, social and newsletter campaigns from one vista. Bring the Age of Google and digital marketing into the 21st Century.

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Gain a clear understanding of how your website is performing... in clear non-technical terms that allow you to see what components need development.

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Understand what search terms bring the most traffic and possess the most value in your area, analyze your ranking position compared to the competition. Focus on what brings you the most traffic and profit.

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If you have identified your specialty or sub-speciality market, this tool identifies what your competitors are doing well to achieve top Google search rankings and potential dead ends so you can spend your time targeting more profitable markets instead.

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Marketing Media Tools

Tools to Achieve and Sustain Marketing Growth

Media touchpoints: brochures, illustrations, newsletters and presentations.
All of these are resources for you, multiple touch points for your clients. Used collectively, these drive you to the front of your competition.

  • Brochures generate credibility and permanence for your business

  • Trade Newsletters keep you in touch and your customers informed

  • Advertising to keep you highlighted above your competition

  • Posters for trade show displays, to take your stand high above the crowd

  • Multimedia videos that quickly communicate your brands core message


  • Print puts something tangible in your prospect's hand. A literal impression

  • Brochures communicate and create a professional image of credibility and permanence

  • Edge to edge graphics with aqueous coatings for that rich, silky, quality feel

  • Single Tri-folds to 20 page brochures, we create, implement and deliver quality print projects.


  • Keep in touch and be visible with your existing clients

  • Promote current best-in-class practices and solutions in your industry

  • Promote the latest technologies and products in an interesting way

  • Promote local events that you support or contribute to your community

  • Provide insight and advice that is relevant to your clients needs