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1. Control4 | Overview

June 12, 18 ||By: Jeff
Home Automation can do many things for you, your home and your family. This video is a terrific introduction to home automation.

2. Control4 | OS3

Sep 10, 19 ||By: Lisa
The newest software from Control4 allows you to swipe through rooms, add music sessions with a tap, and so much more!

3. Monitor Audio | History

Jan 23, 19 ||By: Jeff
Monitor Audio has a rich history and has grown from a from a small company in the UK, to now having a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. Their speakers are regarded by some as being the best in the world.

4. Anthem | STR Series

February 17, 19 ||By: Lisa
Anthem has introduced a world class product with the STR amplifier series. The inclusion of the Anthem Room Correction software enables this series to outperform more expensive equipment in the real world.

5. Video |

Oct 23, 18 ||By: Kevin introductory video explaining the security capabilities.

6. Video |

Sep 12, 18 ||By: Kevin shows just simple and easy it is to make your home safe & secure - in 30 seconds.

7. Video | Episode

Jan 23, 18 ||By: Mark
Video is a great introduction to Episode speakers, their build quality and why they deliver so much - for so little.

8. Video | Episode

Dec 23, 2016 ||By: Mark
Every Episode speaker looks like it’s meant for the world’s greatest stage – yours. From our perspective - they perform far greater than their selling cost.