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Guide to Home Automation - Electronic House

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Home Automation

A home with automation capabilities brings to your family - simplicity and control.

The value of the Smart Home is that it brings all your important controls: lighting, entertainment, data, media, climate and security - and manages them as a cohesive whole, rather than individual fragments.

Home Automation Options

  • Saves you precious time by performing dozens of tasks - automatically
  • Schedules lights automatically for you to leave and when you arrive
  • Energy Management software can keep your home comfortable - and save you hundreds of dollars
  • Accomplish in two seconds versus seven minutes of walking through the home and grounds
  • Makes your home accessible through real time video from anywhere in the world

The Smarter Home

Arm your alarm or press a single button and you set the entire home to “away” mode. This action turns off specific lights, ensures the oven and specified appliances are off, locks every door in the house, checks that every window is closed, closes selected drapes and blinds, schedules outside lights to come on at sundown, randomize specific interior lights to turn on and off, and finally, close the garage door.

All of these actions were implemented and all you did was arm the alarm as you head out for the day... Security and the Smarthome are integrated together for good reason. It makes things simple and keeps your home secure.


Windows are a key design element and often a focal point in many residences. However, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the amount of window light. Motorized and automatic window treatments operate with quiet precision and are available in an endless variety of colors, textures and fabrics to complement your home’s décor.

Motorized shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, preserving exterior views, reducing solar heat gain and providing UV protection of expensive furnishings and artwork.

Use drapes, shades or screens to add privacy and shade to any room, or schedule to open and close - for the time of day. Automated drapes and screens are perfect for those hard-to-reach windows. Motorized lighting control can also be tied into the lighting control, so that they work in unison. Let us help you create the functional and beautiful home - with lighting and shading controls.