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Home Theater | Anthem AV receivers

Home Theater

Our stable of world-class brands and products capture the thunder and nuance of cinema and music.

When we couple our line of products with our design & installation experience - we deliver the full home entertainment experience.

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  • Ultra HD and HD Televisions - Experience the latest in TV technology
  • Widescreen Theater - Watch movies of every format
  • Acoustic Treatment - Control the sound inside the room and outside
  • Theater Seating - Furniture designed and engineered for the theater
  • Media Distribution - Servers designed to deliver entertainment anywhere
  • Surround Systems - The latest in surround technologies

ULTRA HD | HD Televisions

We feature Ultra High Definition televisions from LG, SONY and more. Ultra HD or 4K, uses four times as many pixels on a traditional HDTVs, and offers a wider color gamut and higher dynamic range. The picture difference is startling, especially on the larger sets of 50" and larger. We realize that in many locations within the home, the needs and expectations for televisions are different, so we offer a wide range of manufacturer and model options.

  • Ultra HD and HD models to choose from
  • LG, Samsung and Sony brands are available
  • 4K offers superior performance in the larger sets

We have a range of Ultra HD and HD televisions - so make an appointment and see the difference for yourself

Sound Control

Home theater's with full acoustical coverage create the ultimate listening experience. A properly-designed room provides an excellent balance of reflective, absorptive and diffusive acoustical treatments. Ironton Integration has a variety of ways to incorporate your home theater with attractive sound or acoustic control solutions.

With an engineered combination of high frequency absorption, reflective, low frequency absorption and diffusion acoustic panels, CinemaTech products acoustically tune the theater environment to achieve the maximum performance from sound system investment.

Collectively, acoustic treatment is a collection of products that control the sound with the space and diminish the sound leaving it. Enjoy your home theater - without disturbing the home.