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Guide to Audio Video for Restaurants, Sports Bars and Pubs

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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and Bars demand a well resolved, simple and reliable control solution.

KENT AV knows how to install televisions and wiring that meet and exceed state and federal code requirements. One of the major issues confronting a restaurant or bar owner is that so many busy employees will be operating the audio, video and lighting settings. Our control solution from Control4 was engineered to be - as one of our client put it - "ridiculously simple." We specify products that are specifically engineered to deliver ease-of-use for high use, commercial environments:

Our services include:

  • Large Flat Panel Installations
  • Multi Speaker Sound Systems
  • Audio-Video-Lighting Control Solutions
  • Background Music / Paging System

Let us show you how your employees can be in complete control - so your customers are very pleased.