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DependableSmart Homes need Reliable Networks

Home Networks

Is your network ready for the internet pace of today and tomorrow?

The growth of devices such as Smart TV’s, AppleTV, Roku, TiVo, YouTube, and more, all streaming from the cloud. You need to access business files 24/7. It's obvious that a robust network is needed to support the modern home and business. You need a robust network at the fastest speeds, maximum throughput, and reliable access to digital media and content - inside and outside the home.

We can build the fastest wireless network with the longest range and it will work seamlessly throughout your home, whether it is 1500 sq. ft. or 20,000 sq. ft., indoor and outdoor. We can create a separate network for guests, or create an automatic turn off the kids Wi-Fi network at night. WE can create a solution that allows you to easily manage all aspects of your network.


Modern home entertainment, computing and communication all hinge on one component - the WiFi Network. All services and capabilities depend on it. Everyone wants blazing speed, maximum throughput and reliable access to digital media and content - inside and outside the home. To accomplish that, you need an Enterprise Level Network. We use products from well-established brands such as CISCO and Araknis. Our WiFi Networks provide speed and reliability for your home's computing system and family’s entertainment network.

  • State of the Art WiFi components
  • Network security devices
  • Routers and switches
  • Security safeguards for the Wi-Fi perimeter