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Eastlake AVA features a full line of audio, video, automation and security solutions to provide you an extensive range of options for commercial, corporate and residential installations.

Today, there is an unparalleled array of entertainment, media and automation capabilities. Problem is - accessing and controlling all the choices and equipment is often one big headache! We can help you manage all of this - so it's a joy to use - not a burden.

Let us show you how simple entertainment, automation and security can be - when you're in control.

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  • Automation
  • Security

Whether you would like to have a home stereo system, media room integrated into your home, or are just looking to upgrade your equipment, audio and video are a core passion for us. We will work with you to create the perfect solution for your budget, style and vision.

Visit our Audio-Video page for more detail on all of our A-V capabilities.

Automation offers a new era of ease and convenience and make so many tasks and processes - simple. The automation suite of services: lighting, climate control, security with the capability to add motorized shades, garage doors, sprinkler systems... Essentially, if it has a software app, you can control it.

The real value of automation is that it brings all your important controls, lighting, security, media, climate - together so you can manage them easily and effectively. Automation opens capabilities that can make your life - so much simpler. And in many important ways - better. Let us show you just how powerful and simple automation can be.

Visit our Automation page for more detail on all of our automation capabilities.

Smartphone controlled security systems have revolutionized the security industry. Know who enters your building, when and at what time, and for how long. This information provides you with real data, keeping you in full control of your home from your office, or anywhere in the world.

Security solutions today are simply superior to that of ten years ago. Security systems can keep you in control of your home regardless of where you are in the world. It's a connected world, and integrated Security systems keep you in control.

Visit our Residential Security page for more detail, or visit our Commercial Security for our commercial security capabilities.


What's New

"The new Control4 interface has been released and our client's are saying: "The last interface was good, this one is great. It's just so much easier to navigate through." We couldn't agree more. Give us a call and let us show you the easiest to use automation solution - on the planet."

Steve Wolcott

President, Eastlake AVA

"The new line of Baldwin locks interface seamlessly with the Control4 app for iPhone or Android Smartphone's. Let us show you what's possible in home security and keeps you in control."

Steve Wolcott

President, Eastlake AVA

"The new James Loudspeaker line of in-wall speakers set a new benchmark for high performance and modest price. Hear just how incredible - quality inwall speakers can sound."

Steve Wolcott

President, Eastlake AVA