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We are a residential, commercial and corporate entertainment and automation company based in Canton, Ohio.

We service Akron and Brook Park. Our company is committed to providing exceptional entertainment and control solutions and service to our customers.

Give us a call and let us show you how simple entertainment can be - when you're in full control.


We are an authorized dealer Paradigm, Marantz, Klipsch, Pioneer and many more high quality brands.

We have established ourselves as the resource in Canton, Ohio for home audio, home theater and reliable automated solutions.

We carry a full line of audio, video and security components to provide you an extensive range of solutions in your home or business.


We specialize in residential and business entertainment and automation solutions.

To better serve our clients, we also install flat panel televisions and monitors, home audio, home theater, security systems, Closed Circuit Camera's (CCTV), indoor and outdoor lighting.


We have experience in all aspects of designing, specifying and installing electronics in all kinds of locations. From high-rise condo's to high-traffic retail stores, we've done them all.

We offer assistance in planning and maintaining commercial solutions. Our technicians are well trained and meticulous in their installation work.

Let our experience assist you in a well-engineered and well-implemented residential or commercial entertainment solution.

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Home Automation - An Introduction

Home Automation can do many things for you, your home and your family. This video is a terrific introduction to home automation.


Home Theater without frustration

This family was frustrated at the pile of remotes on the coffee table, and needed a home theater that was usable - by everyone. With a home theater controller and universal remote from Control4, they now have a fully automated home theater that integrates video, audio, and lighting.


Home Automation - A Powerful Solution

Home Automation is often perceived for making things convenient. Yes, that's true, but that's overlooking its core strengths of security, safety and efficiency. This video shows how everyone in the home can benefit from a very powerful tool - home automation.


Sports Bars - Restaurants

Sports Bars and Restaurants feature television based entertainment. Managing the entertainment can be a daunting process: what channels go where, how are they changed, volume levels appropriate for specific areas, and all of this - easily managed easily by staff. New technologies allow for effective entertainment management. This video is a case study for Dewey's, a sports bar with 67 televisions located in Orlando, Florida.


Improving Resale Values

Smart home technology is more than bells and whistles. It offers the homeowner the ability to leverage all the homes capabilities and organize them so they can be accessed easily from a wall panel or smartphone. The cost of home automation keeps dropping, and the ease of implementation continues to get easier. Today's new home owner is recognizing the value of home automation.


Powerful Sales Tool

Here's what builders have to say about Control4 home automation: "Home automation is here to stay. The cost of operation keeps dropping, and the ease of installation keeps getting easier"... "It's a very powerful sales tool." Today's home buyer has come to expect technology in their home, and builders can add amazing value with the capabilities of Control4 Home Automation.


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