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White-Paper | Blu-ray VS. HD DVD

Blu-ray in its infancy faced competition, and HD DVD was a strong competitor.

Blu-ray VS. HD DVD - PDF

White-Paper | Control Solutions

Control is the most under appreciated component in home theater - but perhaps the most essential.

Control Solutions - PDF

White Paper | Outdoor Speakers

An introduction and overview of selecting and installing outdoor speakers for optimum sound.

Outdoor Speakers - PDF

White Paper | Home Automation

An introduction and overview of new home automation technologies with new capabilities that can deliver a resulting - new command of your world.

Home Automation - PDF

White-Paper | Home Theater 101

An introduction to Home Theater that we all can relate to - regardless of gender.

Home Theater 101 - PDF

White-Paper | Distributed Audio

Distributed audio brings music - no matter where you are in the home.

Distributed Audio - PDF
"I have worked with Graham Lowe for more than a decade and I find the man to have an amazing mind with an unparalleled dedication to perfection."
- Matt Zelnik | Director, Presentations Services | Mills James Productions
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