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    and costly effects of flooding in Richland County.
    Hard Hit
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Hard Hit

The recent flooding in 2007, 2011 and 2013 has impacted the City of Shelby and the residents of Richland County. The damage to the city of Shelby was extensive, causing personal and economic hardship, requiring relocation for many businesses and demolition of over 50 buildings. Farms surrounding Shelby suffered, too, with crop damage and loss of land due to channel bank erosion. Flooded roads mean people can’t get to work, and emergency responders struggle to get to flood victims and transport them to safety.

Flooding in 2007, 2011, 2013

Flooding in downtown Shelby left many residents wondering - "How can this happen?"

Real Costs

FLOODS | 2007 | 2011 | 2013
The damage within the Richland County area during recent floods has been was extensive, causing personal and economic hardship.
Flooding impacts a community financially and diminishes opportunity for sustained economic growth. Here are just some of the real costs for the City of Shelby and Richland County from a single flood event, occurring during August 2007:

  • $280 million worth of severe damage in Central and Northwest Ohio
  • $1 million in damage to City Buildings
  • $1.5 million in damage to public school buildings
  • As many as 250 homes damaged; 50+ residential/commercial buildings required demolition
  • Estimated $10 million in other property damage
  • Estimated $6 million in crop damage
  • Contamination of flood waters with waste materials
  • Loss of land due to river bank erosion

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Repeated Flooding
needs to

Hard Reality

The elevation of the land in the Upper Black Fork watershed changes rapidly south of the City of Shelby and then flattens out considerably through the City and further downstream along the Black Fork. As tributary channels join with the Black Fork upstream of and within the City of Shelby, the combined flows from the upstream watershed overwhelm the channel and adjacent land areas are susceptible to flooding.

Existing roadway bridges restrict flood flows and flood waters overtop roadways and directly impact homes, businesses and public infrastructure. These flood events directly impact residents and businesses, and also impact everyone who lives in the surrounding area who relies on those businesses and the public services offered by the City of Shelby and Richland County.

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