A+ Arts Academy

We provide a safe, yet challenging elementary and junior high school education
for students - Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Elementary School Electives

In addition to Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science, A+ Arts Academy offers a wide variety of additional courses including: financial literacy, health, visual arts, drama, choir, life skills, technology and physical education.

Students at A+ Arts Academy explore the world of art through ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, computer graphics and animation, graphic design, drama, choir, band, dance, color guard, flags and other means of artistic expression. A+ Arts Academy believes in the value of an arts-enhanced education.

Art Club

This class offers students who are serious about the visual arts, the opportunity to create and display artwork in a variety of media, including set design for theatre production and graphic design for the desktop publishing elective.

A+ Arts Academy encourages students who are interested in learning the finer details of artistic production and presentation to sign up for this class.

Creative Writing

A+ Arts Academy offers a creative writing class that includes all forms of written artistic expression – poetry, short story writing, article writing, Haiku, novellas and other forms of writing. Outside reading will be required as well. This class offers our creative writers an outlet to develop and, if they wish, to share their creative writing gifts with others.

Students are encouraged to contribute their work to the school yearbook and collaborate with the journalism class and Art Club.

Just for Us

This class is just for girls. In this class, female students will have the opportunity to talk about issues that pertain to being a young lady. The class concludes with a day-long trip to YMCA Camp Wilson for horseback riding, rock-climbing wall and cook-out.

This is a great class for girls to just be girls, without the added complexity and confusion that the presence of boys often introduces.

Physical Education

Our physical education program intends to prepare students to have a healthy and active lifestyle and for participation in social and lifetime activities by helping them acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to continue with these activities. In order for students to gain an appreciation for an active lifestyle, they will be provided with opportunities to explore sports, fitness and other activities and discover how their bodies move while improving their self-confidence.

We recognize our responsibility to educate the entire person and to provide the skills and attitudes necessary for self-improvements in physical fitness. Therefore, our mission is to provide students with a variety of experiences that will foster positive personal growth as well as a satisfying relationship with fitness. Our elementary school curriculum meets the state requirements for physical education.

Young Men of the Roundtable

This is a boys-only discussion group focusing on issues that young men face in elementary school and beyond. This class offers young men guidance, insight and development as they prepare to move from boys to young men.

Students in Roundtable contemplate issues of integrity, dignity, compassion, patience, community service, self-confidence, family, and values. This is truly a unique class.

What Parents say

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